Barge - spacer
(additional equipment of non-propelled oil barge project 82380)


Purpose - use of a barge as an intermediate spacer on the pier.

Basic information on the additional equipment of the project 82380 barge:

• installation of stander compensating for fluctuations in the water level in the river, as well as changes in the draft of the moored oil tanker during loading from the right and left sides and the pipeline connecting them for pumping diesel fuel with a flash point above + 60°C to the oil tanker;
• installation of a tank to collect oil leaks at the location of the parking of the tip of the external stender;
• installation along the perimeter of the technological cargo area of continuous coamings excluding the ingress of petroleum products from the deck to the water surface in the event of an accidental spill;
• installation in the process area of the main deck of the barge fire extinguishing system of medium expansion foam and a water curtain system to ensure the safe departure of the moored vessel in the event of a fire;
• installation of wooden fenders to prevent sparking and damage to the berth and moored vessels.


# Name Value
1. Main dimensions of the barge
Length overall, m 107.03
Breadth overall, m 21.07
Depth, m 3.00
2. Light draft, m 0.365
3. The difference in water level in the river, which can be compensated by standers, m 6.69
4. Foam system capacity, m³/h 345
5. Water-screen system capacity, m³/h 209