History of the company

Russian company Marine Engineering Bureau - SPb was established in the March of 2000 at the St.Petersburg.

From the moment of creation Bureau has made the way from the small firm engaged in calculation tasks on the ships' hull and scientific researches under orders of classification societies only up to organization that are able to carry out practically the whole spectrum of engineering works for shipping and shipbuilding industries.

The development and support of new technical and technical-working projects has been carried out by the Marine Engineering Bureau since May 2000, and as of November 2021, 430 sea, river and mixed river-sea navigation vessels were built under 116 projects. In addition to the fully completed, more than 50 ships were at various stages of construction.

In working process Marine Engineering Bureau specialists carry out continuous scientific inquiry with subsequent creation of "line-ups" of main characteristics of vessels and solution of external design task for floating objects of different types and functionality that allows to increase overall performance and competitiveness of design products with taking into account interests of clients and world tendencies of development of the ship-building industry.