Icebreaking support vessel 22 MW power arctic navigation area Icebreaker 8 class



• escorting tankers of about 40000 DWT between the port of Sabetta and the area of Kamenny Cape in the Gulf of Ob during the ice period;
• escorting tankers of about 40000 DWT to the cargo area of the Arctic oil export terminal (offshore mooring facility) during the ice period;
• supporting safe mooring and loading operation of the tankers;
• protection of the offshore mooring facility against impact of ice formations and ice fields;
• rescue duty in the area of the Arctic oil export terminal (offshore mooring facility) and provision of assistance to vessels in ice conditions and open water at waves up to 7 balls on the Beaufort scale;
• search and rescue of people, both on open water with waves up to 5 balls on the Beaufort scale and in ice conditions;
• icebreaking activities in extreme shallow areas of the Gulf of Ob;
• towing of vessels and offshore facilities in ice and open water;
• delivery and transfer of small batches of deck cargo and operational personnel to the Arctic oil export terminal (offshore mooring facility);
• fire-fighting operations;
• diving operations support (at depth up to 12 m);
• remote automated control of the Arctic oil export terminal (offshore mooring facility);
• participation in oil response operations in both open water and ice as a carrier of equipment and devices and as collector of water and oil products received in the course of removal of pollutions;
• temporary accommodation of rescued personnel (survivors) of tankers and other vessels.


Name Shipyard, building number Keel laying date Launching date Delivery date
Alexander Sannikov Vyborg SY, 233 03.11.15 24.11.16 30.07.18
Andrey Vil'kickiy Vyborg SY, 234 14.12.15 05.07.17 17.12.18

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length overall, m 121.70
Length overall, without towing notch, m 116.50
Length at DWL, m 107.90
Breadth, main deck, incl. fenders, m 26.0
Breadth at DWL (midel), m 25.0
Depth, m 11.50
L x B x H 121.70 x 26.0 x 11.50 = 36 388
2. Maximum draught, m 8.20
3. Draught at DWL, m 8.0
4. Total deadweight of maximum draught /
at DWL draught (about), t
3400 / 3000
5. Endurance of the ship:
by fuel and oil reserves and storing capacities for solid and liquid wastes, дней 30
provision stores and fresh water (in view of the replenishment from the evaporator) 40
6. Tanks capacities (about), m³
Water 280.0
Fuel oil 3100.0
Treated sewage water 290.0
Recovered oil 1200.0
Foam 20.0
7. Area of cargo deck, m² 600
8. Distributed load intensity in cargo area of main deck, t/m² 5
9. Towing winch Automatic electric operated waterfall-type double drum with line pull 1000 kN
10. Cargo cranes 26 t cargo capacity with boom of 27.0 m
11. Special water/foam fire-extinguishing system
Water (foam) monitors 4 x 2500 m³/h (2 monitors used for feeding foam),
throw length >150 m, throw height >45 m
Fire pumps 4 x 2900 m³/h
Foam liquid pump 1 x 36 m³/h
12. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class KM Icebreaker8 AUT1-ICS FF1WS DYNPOS-2 EPP ANTI-ICE ECO SDS<12 Winterization(-50) Tug
13. MDE maximum continuous rating, kW 2 x 9280 +
2 x 4640
14. Rudder and propellers complex 2 Azipod x 7500 kW (aft) +
1 Azipod x 6500 kW (fore)
15. Bow thrusters power, kW 1800
16. Harbour +
Emergency diesel-generator
1 x 1200 kW +
1 x 700 kW
17. Auxiliary boiler plant 2 x steam boiler 2800 kg/h, 7 bar
18. Crew / berth, pers. 20 / 12
19. Maximum / economic speed, knots 16 / 12
20. Work speed in about 2.0 m of compacted level ice, knots 2
21. Rescue boat +
Work boat
2 x 35 pers. +
1 x 6 pers.
22. Life rafts 6 x 12 pers.