Multipurpose salvage icebreaker of 7 MW power "Beringov proliv" type


Purpose stand by, rescue operation in areas of shipping, fishing, sea oil and gas fields;
• providing technical support and assistance in dangerous for shipping and sea foods production areas, servicing of transport operations in ports;
• search of and assistance to vessel is in distress;
• search, rescue, evacuation and placing of people, providing first aid to injured persons;
• refloat from ground and reef damaged vessels, pumping out water from flooded compartments;
• towing service of damaged vessels and objects to shelter area, and also providing sea towing of vessels, floating objects and constructions in ice conditions and at open water;
• providing assistance to vessels and rescue operations in ice conditions and at open water;
• providing ice - breaker operations in port and near port waters, and in freezing non-arctic seas at thickness of ice up to 1.5 m;
• providing assistance at fire fighting at floating and coastal objects accessible from sea;
• supply and logistic support, including performing underwater engineering operations with divers at depth up to 60 m;
• performance of deep-water diving engineering operations with an opportunity of long stay of divers under pressure with working depth up to 300 meters;
• fire fighting of burning fuel on water, oil spills response service emergency oil and oil product spill, including with flash point lower than 60°C.;
• survey and cleaning underwater hull of vessels, floating and coastal objects;
• inspection of a sea-bottom and damaged objects on depths down to 1000 m by towing equipment and ROVs;
• take off and landing platform for reception of the helicopter "Ka-32" type without permanent basing.


Name Shipyard, building number Keel laying date Launching date Delivery date
  Amurskij shipbuilding yard      
Kerchenskiy proliv 360 21.07.10    
  Nordic Yards Wismar GmBH, Wismar (Germany)      
Beringov proliv 217 12.11.13 21.09.14 10.10.15
Murman 218 12.11.13 21.09.14 22.11.15

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length overall
(with tug fenders), m
Length overall, m 85.38
Length Convention, m 77.96
Length RS Rules, m 74.37
Length between PP, m 70.60
Breadth overall
(with fenders), m
Breadth, m 18.50
Breadth DWL, m 18.0
Depth, m 8.50
L x B x H 86.00 x 19.10 x 8.50 = 13 962
2. Draught at SLWL, m 6.00
3. Displacement at SLWL draught
(γ = 1.025 t/m³), t
4. Deadweight at SLWL
(γ = 1.025 t/m³) about, t
5. Capacity of cargo holds (about), m³ 800
6. Container capacity, FEU 12
7. Cargo cranes 2 x 32 t (radius 22,5 m),
aft A-frame of 80 t cargo capacity with
max. handling of 10 m
8. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class KM Icebreaker 6 AUT1-ICS OMBO
FF2WS DYNPOS-2 EPP Salvage ship
9. Maximum continuous power of ME
(not less than), kW
2 x 3500
10. Rudder-propeller complex 2 full rotated RP with FPP
11. Ship speed in full load condition
at SLWL, knots
12. Ship economic speed, knots 11
13. Bow thruster power, kW 3 x 1000
14. Crew, pers 26
15. Special stuff, number of berth 12
16. Total number of berth survivors 95