Multipurpose sea diving vessel "Stolnyy grad Yaroslavl" type


Purpose - multipurpose sea diving vessel with inclined stern and transom aft end, with long forecastle, with fore deckhouse, with engine room amidships, with two controllable-pitch propellers (CPP), with bow thruster, intended for:
• providing of diving and underwater works on depth down to 100 m and at sea up to 3 Beaufort scale;
• participation in saving, ship-raising and underwater works in accordance with installed means;
• inspection of a sea-bottom, damaged objects, underwater part of ships's hull and waterside structure's;
• providing of Remote operated deep-water vehicle using at sea up to 4 Beaufort scale;
• scanning of sea-bottom, underwater parts of ships and rudder-propeller devices of ships, underwater parts of waterside structures and providing of underwater works with divers;
• providing underwater welding on depth down to 25 m and underwater cutting on depth down to 100 m;
• lifting from depth down to 100 m objects of weight up to 2.0 t;
• soil man-induced and its removal;
• pumping of water from wrecking ship;
• air blow of pontoons;
• work with hydraulic tools;
• auxiliary towing operation;
• the vessel have oil spill recovery function if free-floating skimmer and oil boom are installed on borad.


Name Shipyard, building number Keel laying date Launching date Delivery date
Stolnyy grad Yaroslavl Yaroslavsky SP, 201 28.08.09 12.08.10 25.10.10
Rostov Velikiy Yaroslavsky SP, 202 09.03.10 21.04.11 30.05.11
Uglich Yaroslavsky SP, 203 16.03.10 24.05.11 07.08.11
Rybinsk Yaroslavsky SP, 204 09.08.11 19.06.12 15.08.12

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length overall, m 38.64
Length, m 36.35
Breadth overall, m 7.90
Breadth, m 7.70
Depth, m 3.20
L x B x H 38.64 x 7.90 x 3.20 = 977
2. Draught at SLWL, m 2.35
3. Deadweight in sea at draught 2.35 m, t 42
4. Endurance, days 5
5. Navigation range at
economic speed, nautical miles
6. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class KM Ice2 R2 AUT3-C OMBO SDS>60
7. ME power, kW 2 x 442
8. Screw and Rudder 2 CPP + 2 rudders
9. Cargo crane, capacity, t / boom, m 3 / 11.5
10. Bow thruster, kW 120
11. Auxiliary diesel-generators, kW 2 x 136
12. Crew / berth 12 / 15
13. Speed (at draft 2.35 m and 100% MCR), knots 11.4
14. Economic speed, knots (at draft 2.10 m) 8.0
15. Diving equipment Compression chamber for 4 divers;
"Wet" diving bell with launching gear;
Diving equipment with helmet SUPERLITE
and ventilated helmet DESCO;
Universal diving equipment of "dry" type;
Means of diver's heating;
Means of communication;
Underwater lighting;
Underwater television;
Underwater welding/cutting;
Hydraulic tools;
Pumping means;
Soil man-induced means;
Remote operated underwater vehicle;
Diving ladder.