Multipurpose buoy laying vessel "Dmitry Sirotkin" type


Purpose - installation works on approaches and floating means of water area of port of navigating protection (SNO), their service on water area and demounting, and also intended for performance of the following additional functions:

• transportation of general cargoes with loading / unloading by port means or by the ship crane (fastening of general cargoes is made with cable and chain lash);
• transportation of bulk cargoes in a hold with loading / unloading by port means or by the ship crane;
• harbor unloading of vessels, delivery of these cargoes to the shore and maintenance of a horizontal unloading of the delivered cargoes;
• transportation vehicle in weight up to 60 t and loading on an axis up to 15 t. Loading / unloading by port means or roll-on / roll-of through bow ramp (with loading on an axis 10 t or weight of crawler techniques 30 t).
• transportation of oil-delivery trucks. Loading - unloading by port means or roll-on / roll-of through bow ramp;
• oil spills response service emergency oil and oil product spill (>60°C), including direct gathering of oil from water surface and boom installation;
• performance of towing operations (is made with anchor - mooring - towing winch); inspection of a sea-bottom, search of the sunk subjects, including anchors buoy with side-looking sonar and hydrographic echosounder;
• intake from vessels of sewage;
• intake from vessels of garbage in containers (2 containers with capacity 10 m³ installed on main deck). Is made with bow crane;
• accommodation of pilots and transfer of pilots on vessel (pilots location in special personnel cabins);
• inspection of a sea-bottom and damaged objects on depths down to 1000 m.


Name Shipyard, building number Keel laying date Launching date Delivery date
Dmitry Sirotkin Nizhegorodskij Teplohod, 901 15.07.10 28.04.11 15.07.11

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length overall, m 43.09
Length between PP, m 37.90
Breadth overall, m 10.20
Breadth on DWL, m 9.20
Depth at midship, m 3.30
Air draft at draught ΠΆ = 2.50, m 10.80
L x B x H 43.09 x 10.20 x 3.30 = 1450
2. Draught design, m 2.50
3. Deadweight at draught 2.50 m, t 266
4. Hold capacity, m³ 96
5. Oil recovery tank capacity, m³ 56
6. Endurance, days 7
7. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class KM Ice3 R2-RSN AUT3-C
8. ME power, kW 2 x 405
9. Auxiliary diesel-generators, kW 2 x 130
10. Rudder propeller input power and type 2 x 405 kW Schottel SRP 440 FP
11. Hot water boiler, kW 81.4
12. Bollard pull, t 10
13. Bow cargo crane lifting capacity 8.0 t (10 m outreach)
14. Aft cargo crane lifting capacity 0.85 t (6.5 m outreach)
15. Crew / special stuff, pers 8 / 4
16. Speed, knots 10.0