Passenger vessels

Project's code Passenger capacity,
PV01M 300 Pleasure passenger vessel "Imperiya" type
PV02 10 Coastal navigation running boat "Neva" type
PV04 10 Pleasure vessel
PV05 6 / 48 Running boat "Bars" type
PV06 120 River passenger cruise vessel "Aleksey Kosygin'" type
PV07 12 Multi-purpose executive-class running boat "Kavkaz" type
PV08 112 River passenger cruise vessel "Alexandr Grin" type
PV09 36 Cruise river-sea diesel-electric passenger vessel
PV10 150 Pleasure passenger banquets-vessel "Sochi" type
PV11 150 Passenger vessel for interregional lines
PV12 200 River passenger cruise vessel "Knyagna Anastasiya"
(modernization of the project 302)
PV14 100 River passenger vessel for domestic lines in "northern" version
PV16 250 River passenger vessel for local lines with possibility
of operation in open pack ice thickness 40 cm
PV16M 100 River passenger vessel for interregional passenger transportation
in European part of Russian Federation
PV18 350 Cruise river-sea passenger vessel "Gleb Krzhizhanovsky"
(modernization of the project 302M)
PV22 146 A cargo-passenger vessel for transportation between the Kuril Islands
and between the island of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands
PV24 36 Ice-navigation cargo-passenger vessel for Kamchatka
PV25 214 Cruise river-sea passenger vessel
(modernization of the project Q-040)
PV33 - Training sailing motor yacht
PV300 329 River passenger cruise vessel
PV300VD 310 Cruise passenger vessel
PV500VB 550 Cruise passenger vessel